Inspection Services

IQS, being an accredited ISO 17020 inspection body, has the authority to provide inspection certificates to clients attesting to the safe and good operational condition of the ride and/or facility during inspection. Such certification will be given only upon verified conformance of the ride and/or facility to existing EN & ASTM standards and other requirements & conditions as stipulated on the inspection report.

Reliable inspection of Safety / Mechanical/ Electrical / Structural / Operational aspects of any amusement ride and/or facility requires certified personnel with significant knowledge and good experience relative to the inspection of the ride and/or facility itself.  Careless and inaccurate inspection report usually leads to misunderstanding and false judgment, which may eventually result to serious accident and/or costly damages to the ride. IQS teams workforces comprises of professional and experienced technical and management staff, who ensures to provide first class and high standard quality inspection services for the rides and facilities of the amusement and recreation business sectors.

IQS caters to a wide range of inspections schemes from pre-installation, actual installation and post installation of amusement rides and facilities; on-site inspections of active amusement rides and facilities are also on the list of services IQS offers. Using proven inspection methods and procedures, our services covers the actual thorough inspections of the site and ride facilities and the provision of inspection reports and necessary certifications as required by clients.

Inspection Services offered by IQS are as follows:

  1. Commissioning and Inital Testing
  2. Structural Thorough Examination
  3. Mechanical Thorough Examination
  4. Electrical Thorough Examination
  5. Operational Testing
  6. Safety Thorough Examination
  7. Scheduled / Regular Inspections
  8. Failure & Accident Investigation

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